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 Call 0845 654 5586 For Free Appraisal Today!

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The Stamp Duty & Land Tax (SDLT) Specialists


It is estimated that Billions have overpaid in stamp duty land tax (SDLT) on property as advisers have not claimed the available statutory stamp duty reliefs or have incorrectly calculated the stamp duty reliefs.

"We specialise in reclaiming and mitigating stamp duty land tax for high value acquisitions."


Surcharge on Second Homes. If you have paid the 3% stamp duty surcharge it may be possible to reclaim the 3% surcharge without the need to sell your previous main residence.


High Value Residential Properties with outbuildings and/or Annexes and/or large grounds. If you have acquired a property with an outbuilding and/or annex in the last 12 months, we may be able assist with reclaiming significant SDLT.


Multiple Dwellings. Have you acquired multiple properties, have you fully claimed the available stamp duty tax reliefs, as errors and omissions in claiming these stamp duty tax reliefs have resulted in significant overpayments in SDLT.

SDLT Planning Service

We also specialise in planning to mitigate SDLT before acquisitions by again ensuring we maximise the available stamp duty statutory reliefs on:

Additional Stamp Duty

The 3% additional stamp duty charge on second homes

High Value Properties

The acquisition of High Value Residential Properties with outbuilding and/or Annexes and/or substantial grounds, may result in significant stamp duty savings

Multiple Dwellings

The acquisition of multiple dwellings - houses/apartments/flats, may result in claiming the non residential SDLT rates

We do not promote any form of artificial SDLT mitigation or stamp duty schemes.


The Team

All work is carried out by a team of qualified and experienced chartered tax advisers, chartered accountants, tax lawyers and tax authors, for a free consultation without obligation please xxxx as we are here to help reclaim or reduce the amount of stamp duty land tax (SDLT).